PeoplePlus Consulting is owned and led by former senior bankers and financial services veterans with marquee organisations, namely, American Express, Citibank and SBI. We are an independent risk management firm with no conflicts at all. Nor do we lean on any external investors or lenders which insulates us from any affiliation. The firm distils multiple sources of information and to generate credible private domain intelligence through discreet inquiries with advantageously placed and painstakingly nurtured sources. Trust, privacy and discretion are the cornerstones of this relationship centric and human intelligence (HumInt) induced business.

Our operational coverage includes India and all of South Asia other than Pakistan. Our remit also extends to Singapore, HK, Malaysia and UAE as long as there is a South Asian linkage to the target entity.

End users of our curated reports are typically globally dominant FIIs, PEs & VCs, global banks and industry leading MNCs with a presence in South Asia. Our iron clad NDA commitments restrict us from divulging the identities of clients or details of transactions.


Chiranjit Banerjee (CB)

Co-founder & Due Diligence Lead. Presidency College (now University) alumnus with 45 years of professional experience. Commercial banking experience covers SBI, Citibank & American Express. Maiden CEO of two of the earliest privately owned Indian merchant banks. Spearheads client acquisition, relationship management and spearheads research and commentary generation on a hands-on basis. CB personally steers sensitive investigations. Deeply entrenched in banking, financial services, IT (the Bangalore ‘edge”), media (was a regular guest columnist for ET, Asian Age and Deccan Chronicle at one time) and high value business and government connects across South Asia, ME and S E Asia.

Shirin Banerjee:

Co-founder & Resourcing Lead. Loreto College (Kolkata) alumnus with 44 years of diverse professional experience across market leaders, namely, ITC Ltd, American Express, Titan Ltd along with a couple of startups in IT and corporate training. She provides a stable infrastructure to the firm and also brings her corporate network to bear in several projects.